Mold Remediation in Lewisville

mold remediation

Hearing the words “you have mold” is scary to anyone, especially a homeowner. AquaTex Water Damage Restoration provides 24-hour mold remediation services.

If you have found mold or mold growth in your business or home for the first time, you are probably very concerned for your health having heard of all the issues that can come from Toxic Black Mold exposure. As a restoration company, we take HUGE pride in not only performing mold remediation but also educating our clients on the truths about mold. We have put together this comprehensive guide to educate our customers on the mold remediation process and how to remove mold safely.


Mold spreads fairly quickly and can cause many health issues, such as respiratory problems, especially in infants, children, and the large elderly population in Lewisville.

If mold spreads too quickly and too greatly, a property can be declared uninhabitable due to the threats that mold poses to the health of the occupants. Luckily, our certified mold inspector experts can solve any mold remediation or removal problem.

Due to the severe impact on the health of the occupants that mold can have, mold removal and mold remediation should not be left to an amateur. AquaTex Water Damage Restoration offers professional removal processes for mold remediation, no matter how far or quickly the mold has spread.

Our Lewisville mold remediation team uses the newest technologies to locate all the sites of mold during our extensive mold inspection process, then we will remove all the damaged structures and either replace or reconstruct them.

Mold can show up over time, especially in a very damp area, but this can result from hidden leaks, such as behind showers or sinks. AquaTex Water Damage Restoration will provide an extensive mold inspection to search for not just mold itself, but also the source of all molds. The source of the moisture will be repaired, and all sites of mold will also be repaired.

Your property will be free from all mold and dampness, and we will ensure your property will be safe for future and current occupants of the property.

Stop Mold From Returning: Mold Prevention

As we mentioned previously, moisture and water intrusion are what cause mold problems. In order to prevent mold from returning after mold remediation is complete, you MUST address the source of the moisture/water.

  • Repair Broken Pipes
  • Replace/Repair Roof
  • Fix Window Leaks
  • Grading Issues (Water away from house, not towards it)
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Properly Working HVAC System
  • Inspect Non Living Environments (Basements, Attic, Crawlspaces)
  • Utilize Exhaust Fans
  • Clean Regularly
  • Encapsulation

The next step is to repair any leaks as quickly as possible. If the leak has occurred within the home, or one that has occurred outside and could cause further damage within the property – you must make sure it is fixed quickly before any further damage can occur.

If we discover that the mold in your Lewisville property is the result of standing water, we will also provide you with water extraction services.